You can use the XML to JSON filter to convert an XML document to a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) document. For details on the mapping conventions used, see:https://github.com/beckchr/staxon/wiki/Mapping-Convention


To configure the XML to JSON filter, specify the following fields:


Enter a suitable name to reflect the role of this filter.

Automatically insert JSON array boundaries:

Select this option to attempt to automatically reconstruct JSON arrays from the incoming XML document. This option is selected by default.

[Note] Note

If the incoming XML document includes the <?xml multiple> processing instruction, the JSON array is reconstructed regardless of this option setting. If the XML document does not contain <?xml multiple>, and this option is selected, the filter makes an attempt at guessing what should be part of the array by examining the element names.

For more details and example <?xml multiple> processing instructions, see the topic on JSON to XML.