SMTP Servers


You can configure the API Gateway to use a specified Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server to relay messages to an email recipient. You can configure the SMTP server as a global configuration item under the External Connections node. The SMTP server is then available for selection in the SMTP filter in the Routing category.

To configure an SMTP server, right-click the External Connections -> SMTP Servers node, and select Add an SMTP Server. Alternatively, in the SMTP filter screen, click the button beside the SMTP Server Settings field, right-click the SMTP Servers node, and select Add an SMTP Server.


Configure the following fields in the SMTP Server settings dialog:


Enter an appropriate name for the SMTP server.

SMTP Server Settings

Specify the following fields:

  • SMTP Server Hostname:

    Enter the hostname or IP address of the SMTP server.

  • Port:

    Enter the SMTP port on the specified server hostname. By default, SMTP servers run on port 25.

  • Connection Security:

    Select the security required for the connection to the SMTP server (SSL, TLS, or NONE). Defaults to NONE.

Log on using

If you are required to authenticate to the SMTP server, specify the following fields:

  • User Name:

    Enter the user name of a registered user that can access the SMTP server.

  • Password:

    Enter the password for the user name specified.

[Note] Note

The SMTP server connection supports a simple username/password type of authentication. Microsoft Windows NT LAN Manager (NTLM) authentication is not supported.