Session Settings


The Session Settings tab enables you to configure session management settings for the selected cache. For example, you can configure the period of time before expired sessions are cleared from the HTTP Sessions cache, which (selected by default).

To configure session settings, select the Settings node in the Policy Studio tree, and click the Session Settings tab at the bottom of the screen. Alternatively, in the Policy Studio main menu, select Tasks -> Manage Settings -> Session Settings.


Configure the following session settings:


Specifies the cache that you wish to configure. Defaults to HTTP Sessions. To configure a different cache, click the button on the right, and select the cache to use. The list of currently configured caches is displayed in the tree.

To add a cache, right-click the Caches tree node, and select Add Local Cache or Add Distributed Cache. Alternatively, you can configure caches under the Libraries node in the Policy Studio tree. For more details, see the topic on Global Caches.

Clear Expired Sessions Period:

Enter the number of seconds before expired sessions are cleared from the selected cache. Defaults to 60.