Sending a Request with API Gateway Explorer


This topic describes how to create and send a request in the API Gateway Explorer test client GUI. You can start API Gateway Explorer using the apigatewayexplorer command from the installation directory.

Creating a Request in API Gateway Explorer

To create a request, perform the following steps:

  1. Click the down arrow button beside the green triangular Send Request button in the toolbar, and select Request Settings:

    Select Request Settings

  2. In the Request Settings dialog, click the Add Request button on the left in the toolbar:

    Select Add Request

  3. Enter the details for the request that you wish to execute in the Add Request Configuration dialog (for example: http://localhost:8080/conversion). If the Request name matches URL setting is not selected, you can supply a custom Request Name for this request.

    Add Request Configuration

  4. Click OK to save the request configuration.

  5. Select the request that you created in the Select Request Configuration menu:

    Select Request Configuration

  6. In the main menu, select File -> Load Request, and browse to the file that you wish to use as input for this request. For example, you can select the following file for the Virtualized Service sample:


  7. Click the green triangular Send Request button in the toolbar to send the request.

Further Information

For more details on using the API Gateway Explorer client GUI tool, see the API Gateway Explorer User Guide.