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Managing Network Virtualization and Network Resources in Oracle® Solaris 11.3

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Updated: April 2018

Configuring Elastic Virtual Switches

An elastic virtual switch is a virtual switch that spans one or more physical machines and represents an isolated L2 segment. The isolation is implemented either through VLANs or VXLANs. You can connect the VNICs or anet resources of the EVS nodes to the elastic virtual switch, thus providing network connectivity between the EVS nodes. For more information, see What Is the Oracle Solaris Elastic Virtual Switch Feature?.

When you plan to configure an elastic virtual switch, you need to understand your virtual topology. Determine how many L2 segments you need and the IPnet information for each network including the subnet and the default router. In addition, you might need to determine the number of virtual ports that you need to configure for the elastic virtual switch and properties that you need to specify for virtual ports.