Manage connection details


You can use the Policy Studio to manage API Gateway, Admin Node Manager, and API Gateway Analytics servers. The Open Connection dialog enables you to connect to a server URL, and the Open File dialog enables you to connect to a server configuration file (.xml) or deployment archive (.fed) . By default, the Policy Studio connects to a server URL. This topic describes how to connect using a server URL, configuration file, or deployment archive.

Connect to a URL

The server exposes a deployment service to its underlying configuration data. This enables Policy Studios running on different machines to that on which the server is installed to manage policies remotely. To connect to the deployment service of a running server, select File > Connect to server from the main menu, or the equivalent button in the toolbar. Configure the following fields on the Open Connection dialog:

Saved Sessions:

Select the session to use from the list. You can edit a session name by entering a new name and clicking Save. You can also add or remove saved sessions using the appropriate button.

Connection Details

The Connection Details section enables you to specify the following settings:


Specify the host to connect to in this field. The default is localhost.


Specify the port to connect on in this field. The default Admin Node Manager port is 8090.

Use SSL:

Specify whether to connect securely over SSL. This is selected by default.

User Name:

The deployment service is protected by HTTP basic authentication. Enter the administrator user name to use to authenticate to the server. For more details, see Manage Admin users.


Enter the password for the administrator user.


Click Advanced to specify the following setting:


Enter the URL of the deployment service exposed by the server. For example, the default Admin Node Manager URL is https://localhost:8090/api.

[Important] Important

To manage API Gateways in your network, you must connect to the Admin Node Manager server URL.

Connect to a file

Because the server configuration data is stored in XML files, you can specify that the Policy Studio connects directly to a file. You can connect to a server configuration file (.xml) or a deployment archive (.fed). For more details, see Deploy API Gateway configuration.

To connect to a file, select File > Open file from the main menu, or click the Open file link on the welcome page. Complete the following fields on the Open File dialog:


Enter or browse to the location of a server configuration file (for example, INSTALL_DIR\groups\group-2\conf\378fd412-4e14-4924-b666-b974adf19642\configs.xml). Alternatively, enter or browse to the location of a deployment archive (.fed).

Passphrase Key:

All sensitive server configuration data (password, keys, and so on) can be encrypted using a passphrase. If you wish to do this, enter a password in this field when connecting. You must use this password thereafter when connecting to the server.

Unlock a server connection

You can also use the Open File dialog to unlock a connection to a server. This is for emergency use when you have changed configuration that results in you being locked out from the Management Services on port 8090. In this case, you have misconfigured the authentication filter in the Protect Management Interfaces policy. For example, if you created and deployed an LDAP connection without specifying the correct associated user accounts, and are now unable to connect to the Admin Node Manager.

To unlock a server connection, perform the following steps:

  1. Download all the files in the server's conf/fed directory to the machine on which the Policy Studio is installed.

  2. Start the Policy Studio.

  3. Connect to the configs.xml file that you downloaded from the server in step 1 (for details, see the section called “Connect to a file”).

  4. Change the configuration details as required (for example, specify the correct user account details for the LDAP connection under the External Connections node).

  5. Upload the files back to the server's conf/fed directory.

  6. Connect to the server URL in the Policy Studio.

For more details on Management Services, see Policy Studio preferences.