For security reasons, when you install the REST MVC module, none of the REST services are enabled. To enable a service, you must register the actor-chain in your <ATG11dir>/localconfig/atg/rest/
file. Any actor-chain
that will be used must be registered. This includes success and error URL actor-chains. Nested actor-chains that are accessed only through other actors need not be registered. For detailed information on actor-chains, refer to The REST MVC Definition Framework section.

Note: Oracle Commerce Reference Store registers a number of REST actors during installation. Refer to the Commerce Reference Store Installation and Configuration Guide.

Note: When you add the actor-chain, you should add it to your /localconfig directory, or to your customization directory.

To register an actor-chain:

  1. Create the file in your local directory.

  2. Add the actor-chain. The following example adds three actor-chains: the login chain, as well as the Success and Error URL chains.



    Note that if you enter only the actor, the default actor-chain will be used.

  3. Save the file.

Note: If you do not register the actor-chain, when the actor-chain is used in a REST Web Service, an error will occur.

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