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Oracle® Servers X7-2 and X7-2L Installation Guide

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Updated: February 2019

Cabling Requirements

Read the following cable requirements for connecting the server.

  • Minimum cable connections for the server:

    • At least one server on-board Ethernet network connection (NET port)

    • Serial management port (SER MGT): Service Processor (SP) local connection for Oracle ILOM boot messages

    • Power cables for the server power supplies

  • SP management ports:

    • The SER MGT port uses an RJ-45 cable and is always available. This port is the default connection to the Oracle ILOM SP.

    • The network management port (NET MGT) is the optional connection to the Oracle ILOM SP. The NET MGT port is configured to use DHCP by default. To set a static IP address, see Modifying Network Settings. The SP network management port uses an RJ-45 cable for a 10/100/1000 BASE-T connection.

  • Ethernet ports:

    • The Ethernet ports, labeled NET 0, NET 1, and NET 2, connect the server to the network.

    • The Ethernet interfaces operate at 100 Mbps, 1000 Mbps, and 10,000 Mbps.

  • USB Ports: You can connect and disconnect USB cables and peripheral devices while the server is running without affecting server operations.

  • AC power cables: Two power supply connectors, one for each power supply.