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Oracle® Servers X7-2 and X7-2L Installation Guide

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Updated: July 2020

Power the Host On and Off Using Oracle ILOM

This procedure provides Oracle ILOM web interface and command-line interface (CLI) instructions to remotely power on or power off the host.

Note -  These commands affect power to the host but not to the SP. To completely power off the server, disconnect the power cords from the back panel of the server.


Caution  -  Data loss. An immediate shutdown abruptly closes all applications and files without saving changes.

  • Control power using the Oracle ILOM web interface or the CLI.

    You must be logged on with Administrator privileges. For details, see Using Oracle ILOM.

    • From the web interface:
      1. In the left pane, click Host Management → Power Control.
      2. From the Select Action list box, select one of the following:
        • Reset – Assert a power-cycle to the server, while keeping power applied to system components, such as disk drives.

        • Graceful Reset – Gracefully shut down the host operating system before you power cycle the server.

        • Immediate Power Off – Directly shut down the power to the server.

        • Graceful Shutdown and Power Off – Gracefully shut down the host operating system before you shut down the power to the server.

        • Power On — Apply full power to the system.

        • Power Cycle — Turn off system power to all system components and apply full power to all system components.

      3. Click Save and click OK.
    • From the CLI, enter one of the following commands:
      • reset /SYSTEM

      • stop /SYSTEM

      • stop -f /SYSTEM

      • start /SYSTEM

    For more information, refer to Controlling Host Power, in the Oracle ILOM Administrator's Guide for Configuration and Maintenance Firmware Release 5.0.x at http://www.oracle.com/goto/ilom/docs.