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Oracle® Servers X7-2 and X7-2L Installation Guide

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Updated: July 2020

Log In to Oracle ILOM and Power On the Server

The following procedure explains how to cable the server for the first time to connect to the Oracle ILOM SP through the serial management (SER MGT) port.

  1. Connect a serial cable between the SER MGT port on the server and the terminal device.

    This connection enables the initial command-line interface (CLI) communication with the Oracle ILOM SP.

  2. Use the power cords to connect the power supplies to two separate AC power sources.

    The server is equipped with two power supplies. The server can operate with one power source; however, using only one power source eliminates redundancy.

    After you connect the power cords to the server AC inlets and power sources, the following actions occur:

    • The green AC OK power supply LEDs illuminate.

    • During the Oracle ILOM SP initialization, the green SP OK LED flashes rapidly.

    • After the Oracle ILOM SP fully initializes, the SP OK LED is steady on and the green System OK LED flashes slowly, indicating the host in is Standby power mode.

    In Standby power mode, the server is not initialized or powered on.

  3. Press Enter on the terminal device to create a connection between the terminal and the Oracle ILOM SP.
  4. At the Oracle ILOM Login prompt, log in to Oracle ILOM using the root user account and the password changeme:

    host-name login: root

    Password: changeme

    The Oracle ILOM CLI prompt -> appears.

    Note -  To enable first time login and access to Oracle ILOM, a default Administrator account and its password are provided with the system. To build a secure environment, change the default password (changeme) for the default Administrator account (root) after your initial login.

    If this default Administrator account has since been changed, contact your system administrator for an Oracle ILOM user account with Administrator privileges.

    For information about how to change the root password, refer to the Oracle Integrated Light Out Manager (ILOM) Documentation library at: http://www.oracle.com/goto/ilom/docs

    Caution  -  Do not apply main power to the server until you are ready to install an operating system. At this point, power is supplied only to the SP and the power supply fans.

  5. Power on the server and redirect the host output to display on the serial terminal device:
    -> start /System
    Are you sure you want to start /System (y/n/)? y
    ->start /HOST console
    Are you sure you wan to start /HOST console (y/n/)? y
    serial console started

    The host boots and the server enters Main power mode. The host power-on self-test (POST) and BIOS output appear on the service terminal device. The following actions occur:

    • The green System OK LED on the server front panel flashes rapidly to indicate that the host is booting.

    • The green System OK lights are steady on when the host is booted and the server is in Main power mode.

    For information about powering on the server using other methods, see Controlling System Power.