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Oracle® Servers X7-2 and X7-2L Installation Guide

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Updated: January 2021

Configuring RAID

The BIOS RAID configuration utilities support configuring RAID. You can configure RAID arrays using Rapid Storage Technology Enterprise (RSTe) or the BIOS RAID configuration Utilities.

Before you can install an OS on a storage device:

  • The storage device must appear as a valid target to the OS installation program.

  • If you want a RAID array, configure the RAID volume before installing the OS.

    Caution  -  Configuring RAID removes the OS and all other data from the target drives.

There are two types of RAID:

  • Hardware RAID - An internal Host Bus Adapter (HBA) card manages the array and presents the volumes to the OS as simple disks. Hardware RAID unburdens the OS and is more robust than software RAID.

    The Oracle Storage 12 Gb SAS PCIe RAID Host Bus Adapter supports hardware RAID.

  • Software RAID - The OS manages the array, which normally must be created and configured using an OS. In a typical use case, you boot an OS on one device to create a software RAID volume on a different device.