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Oracle® Servers X7-2 and X7-2L Installation Guide

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Updated: July 2020

Powering the Host On and Off

Your server has three power modes (states): power off, standby power, and main power.

Power State
Power off
The server is completely powered off when the AC power cords are disconnected.
All indicators are off.
The server is disconnected from all power sources.
Disconnect power cords to completely remove power.

Caution Electrical Hazard  -  Equipment damage. Do not disconnect power cords when the system is in Main power mode.

Standby power
When the server is in Standby power mode, the service processor is powered on but the host is powered off.
The green System OK indicator blinks slowly.
The green SP OK indicator is steady on.
If the server is completely powered off, plug in the power cords to apply Standby power.
If the server is in Main power mode, use Oracle ILOM or the Power button to remove host power.
You can power the host off gracefully, or immediately.

Caution  -  Data loss. To prevent data loss, prepare the operating system for shutdown before you immediately power off.

Main power
When you power on the host, the server enters Main power mode.
The green System OK indicator is steady on.
Use Oracle ILOM or the On/Standby button to apply host power.

For instructions on powering the host off and on, see the following procedures: