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Oracle® Servers X7-2 and X7-2L Installation Guide

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Updated: July 2020

Modifying Network Settings

This section provides information about the default network settings on the service processor (SP), and procedures for viewing and modifying those settings in Oracle ILOM:

The servers support dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 settings, which enable Oracle ILOM to fully operate in an IPv4 or IPv6 network environment.

  • IPv4 configurations – DHCP is enabled by default, allowing a DCHP server on the network to automatically assign network settings to the service processor.

  • IPv6 configurations – IPv6 stateless auto-configuration is enabled by default, allowing an IPv6 router on the network to assign the network settings.

In a typical configuration, accept the default settings. However, if you want to modify the service processor network settings, use the following procedures.