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Oracle® Servers X7-2 and X7-2L Installation Guide

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Updated: February 2019

Electrical Requirements

The servers use AC power. The following table contains the power supply specifications for the servers.

Note -  The power dissipation numbers listed in the following table are the maximum rated power numbers for the power supply used in the server. The numbers are not a rating of the actual power consumption of the server. For up-to-date information about power consumption, go to the Oracle Power Calculators web site: http://www.oracle.com/us/products/servers-storage/sun-power-calculators/index.html, and click the Oracle Server X7-2 or Oracle Server X7-2L link.
Voltage (nominal)
100-240 VAC
Input current (maximum)
100-127 VAC 7.2 A and 200-240 VAC 3.4 A
Frequency (nominal)
50/60 Hz (47 to 63 Hz range)
Maximum power consumption
2400 W
Maximum heat output
11600 BTU/Hr

The servers can operate effectively over a range of voltages and frequencies.


Caution  -  Servers must have a reliable power source. If the system exceeds the ranges, damage to the server might occur. Electrical disturbances, such as the following, might damage the system:

  • Fluctuations caused by brownouts
  • Wide and rapid variations in input voltage levels or in input power frequency
  • Electrical storms
  • Faults in the distribution system, such as defective wiring

To protect your server from such disturbances, use a dedicated power distribution system, power-conditioning equipment, and lightning arresters or power cables for protection from electrical storms.

See the following additional power specifications.