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Oracle® Servers X8-2 and X8-2L Installation Guide

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Updated: July 2020

Troubleshooting Oracle ILOM

This section addresses two issues that might occur on the Oracle ILOM service processor (SP):

  • You need to reset the Oracle ILOM SP to complete an upgrade or to clear an error.

    Resetting the server SP automatically disconnects any current Oracle ILOM sessions and renders the SP unmanageable until the reset process is complete.

  • As the system administrator, you forgot the root account password and need to recover it.

For instructions to address each issue, see the following sections:

Note -  x86 Delay BIOS Firmware Option Can Cause a Longer Reset and Multiple Reboots. If the server has a pending BIOS upgrade, a routine reset will take longer to complete. The pending BIOS upgrade will cause the server to power cycle and reboot several times. This is expected behavior. If the upgrade includes an FPGA update, the process can take as long as 26 minutes to complete.

Note that a pending BIOS upgrade exists when both of these conditions are true: You updated the BIOS and SP firmware using Oracle ILOM. During the Oracle ILOM firmware update process, you selected Delay BIOS Upgrade.