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Oracle® Servers X8-2 and X8-2L Installation Guide

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Updated: July 2020

Electrical Requirements

The servers use AC power. The servers can operate effectively over a range of voltages and frequencies.

The following table contains the power supply specifications for Oracle Server X8-2 and Oracle Server X8-2L.

Note -  The power dissipation numbers listed in the following table are the maximum rated power numbers for the power supply used in the server. The numbers are not a rating of the actual power consumption of the server. For up-to-date information about power consumption, go to an Oracle Power Calculator web site: https://www.oracle.com/it-infrastructure/power-calculators/oracle-server-x8-2-power-calc.html or https://www.oracle.com/it-infrastructure/power-calculators/oracle-server-x8-2l-power-calc.html.
Voltage (nominal)
100-240 VAC
Input current (maximum)
100-127 VAC 7.2 A and 200-240 VAC 3.4 A
Frequency (nominal)
50/60 Hz (47 to 63 Hz range)
Maximum power consumption
2400 W
Maximum heat output
11,600 BTU/Hr


Caution  -  Servers must have a reliable power source. Damage to the server might occur if the input voltage levels or in input power frequency ranges are exceeded. Electrical disturbances, such as the following, might damage the system:

  • Fluctuations caused by brownouts
  • Wide and rapid variations in input voltage levels or in input power frequency
  • Electrical storms
  • Faults in the distribution system, such as defective wiring

To protect your server from such disturbances, use a dedicated power distribution system, power-conditioning equipment, and lightning arresters or power cables for protection from electrical storms.

See the following additional power specifications.