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Oracle® Servers X8-2 and X8-2L Installation Guide

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Updated: July 2020

Download Software Using Oracle Software Delivery Cloud

You must have a valid Oracle user account.

  1. Navigate to the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud home page: https://edelivery.oracle.com/osdc/faces/Home.jspx.
  2. At the Sign In screen, sign in.
  3. Fill out the search information.

    For example, to search for a copy of Oracle Linux:

    1. In the Search By drop down, select Product.
    2. In the search field, type a product name.

      For example, type Oracle Linux.

    3. Select a platform.

      For example, click the check box next to x86 64-bit, and then click Select.

      Your selection appears in the Download Queue.

    4. Repeat Step a through Step c to add additional items to the Download Queue.
    5. When your Download Queue is complete, click Continue.
  4. In the list of downloadable items, select the check box next to the item(s) you want to download, and select Continue.
  5. On the terms and restrictions page, select the check box to accept the terms and restrictions, and select Continue.
  6. In the list of downloadable files, select the files you want to download, and click Download All.
  7. Follow the prompts to complete the download.