Setting Department, Class, and Location Restrictions

If your account has the respective feature enabled, you can restrict this role’s access to transaction, employee, partner, and optionally item records, based on the values in the Department, Class, and Location fields on these records. Limit the set of available values of Department, Class, and Locations that users can assign to these records using restrictions. Department, Class, and Location restrictions can be defined per role and then applied to all users logged in with that role.

To set Department, Class, and Location restrictions, click the Restrictions subtab. On the Restrictions subtab, set the following fields:


Any account in the Chart of Accounts list that does not have an assigned department is not subject to the own, subordinate, and unassigned or own and subordinates only restrictions.


In NetSuite OneWorld, subsidiary restrictions automatically apply to departments. For example, if Department A is assigned to only Subsidiary X and a role is restricted to Subsidiary X, users with that role have access to only Department A, even if that role does not have any department restrictions.

You can also apply role-based, class restrictions to custom records. For more information, see Applying Role-Based Restrictions to Custom Records.

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