Translating Custom Role Names

If the Multi-Language feature is enabled in an account, an account administrator can define translations for custom role names so they match the language of the NetSuite user interface. Note that NetSuite provides translations for standard role names.

When the NetSuite user interface is set to a different language, translated role names display in roles lists, including the popup that displays when a user clicks the icon next to the current role in the upper right corner.

Roles List menu

Before you can translate roles names, you need to select translation languages at Seup > Company > General Preferences, on the Languages subtab. For details, see Configuring Multiple Languages.


The Languages subtab at Seup > Company > General Preferences lists both system-supported languages that can be used for the NetSuite user interface (and are available at Home > Set Preferences), and additional languages that can be used for website translations only (and are not available at Home > Set Preferences ). You should only enter translations for role names in system-supported languages, because these are the only languages that can be displayed in the user interface.

you have selected languages, you can enter translations on custom role pages, either when you first create a role, or when you later edit it.

To define translations for an existing custom role name:

  1. Go to Setup > Users/Roles > Manage Roles.

  2. Click Edit next to the role name that needs translations.

  3. On the role page, enter translated role names on the Translation subtab.

Translation subtab on the Role page.

The maximum length for a role name's translation is 80 characters.

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