Setting Role-Based Preferences

An account administrator can set preferences that tailor NetSuite accounts to the needs of a particular role. The preferences set for a role serve as the defaults for any account users who log in with that role. Role-based preferences are defined on the Preferences subtab of a custom role record.

To set role-based preferences:

  1. Go to Setup > Users/Roles > Manage Roles.

  2. Click Edit next to a custom role or Customize next to a standard role.

  3. On the Preferences subtab, select a preference, choose the desired value in the popup, and click Add.


    If a customer who has only the Customer Center role assigned to them specifies a color theme, this color scheme is not used and the theme set up as the default is used instead.

  4. Repeat step 3 to set additional preferences as desired.

  5. Click Save.

Role-Based Preferences vs. Other Preference Levels

The same preferences that can be set for roles also can be set by individual users for themselves only at Home > Set Preferences. Role-based preferences are not intended to override any preferences explicitly set by an individual user. If a user has set a preference to a value other than the system default, company default, or subsidiary default, the corresponding role-based preference is not applied when that user logs in with that role.

Some role-based preferences are also available at the company level, and in NetSuite OneWorld accounts, at the subsidiary level. A role-based preference overrides the system default setting, the corresponding company-level preference, if any, and the corresponding subsidiary-level preference, if any. Note that if a company preference has been set not to allow override, it is not available to be set as a preference on role records.

For more information, see NetSuite Preference Levels Overview.

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