Approving Payment Batches

When a payment batch requires your approval, you will receive a pending batch approval e-mail notification.

A payment batch is not submitted for processing until it is approved.

For instructions on how to modify the setup of approving payment batches, for example add an approver or change the limit for approval, see Setting Up Batch Approval Routing.


If you set up a payment approval workflow, payments created after payments are approved through batch approval will still require approval based on the workflow you have set up.

To approve or reject a payment batch:

  1. Go to SuiteBanking > Payment Automation > Dashboard.

  2. In the Payables section on the left pane, click Payments.

  3. Click the Open Batches subtab.

  4. Click on a Batch ID link on a line with the Pending Approval status.

  5. (Optional) To change the payment batch information or remove transactions, click Edit.

  6. On the Bill Payment Batch Page, click Approve to approve the payment batch or click Reject to reject the payment batch. Note that the buttons are visible only to people on the approver list. Payments will be created after the batch is approved. If the batch is rejected, the bills will be removed and will be in the open state for processing in a later batch.

Daily transaction ACH limit validations will occur before submitting and approving the batch payment. For more information, refer to Daily Transaction ACH Limit.


Payments can only be submitted on business days. Payment processing and money transfers cannot be initiated on weekends or bank holidays.

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