Applying for an HSBC Online Account

After you install the Payment Automation SuiteApp, apply for an HSBC Online Account. To apply for an HSBC Online Account, go to SuiteBanking > HSBC Application > Apply. To learn what permissions are required to access the HSBC application page, go to Permissions for Role Customization.

Oracle NetSuite is a technology service provider, not a financial institution. HSBC Bank USA, N.A., member FDIC, provides banking services on the NetSuite platform.


Before you start the application process, go to Setup > Company > Company Information.

The details in the Return Email Address and Return Address fields, including the phone, must be the same as the email, phone, and billing address that you will provide when submitting the application. To provide a phone number on the Company Information page, click Edit next to the Return Address field, and enter the number in the Phone field.

These details, along with the company logo set on Company Information page, will also be used in remittance vouchers. For more information, see Reviewing Remittance Email. Use a company logo that is 250 × 150 pixels or smaller. A larger size will cause the logo to be formatted incorrectly on your remittance voucher. For more information, see Updating Information Included in the Remittance Voucher

The Payment Automation SuiteApp is used in alliance with HSBC. Before you can start using Payment Automation, you must be approved for an HSBC Online Account, and for virtual card payments you will need a provisioned credit limit.

Everywhere a document is requested, uploading the document is required to complete your application, even if you are permitted to proceed to the next step.

HSBC accepts only files that are 10 MB or smaller and that have one of the following extensions:

Note that PNG files are not accepted.

The HSBC application process consists of the following stages:

The HSBC review process typically takes between five and seven business days to complete. Oracle NetSuite does not influence the result of the application process in any way.

You will receive an email message whenever the application status changes. You can follow the status of your application at any time on the Payment Automation dashboard on the NetSuite platform.

If your application is inactive for 60 days, it will be declined for incompleteness. To return to an unfinished HSBC application, go to SuiteBanking > HSBC Application > Apply.


If your application is declined, you cannot submit another application.

You can access your HSBC Online Account only through NetSuite. For information about getting assistance, see Customer Support.

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