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Oracle® Exadata X8-2 Database Server Service Manual

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Updated: July 2020

Servicing PCIe Risers

This section describes how to service PCIe risers. PCIe risers are replaceable components that require you to power off the server for service. For more information about replaceable components, see Illustrated Parts Breakdown and Replaceable Components.

PCIe cards in all slots are installed on vertical risers. You must remove the associated riser to remove and replace a PCIe card. You must remove all three PCIe risers when replacing the motherboard.


Caution  -  These procedures require that you handle components that are sensitive to electrostatic discharge. This sensitivity can cause the components to fail. To avoid damage, ensure that you follow antistatic practices as described in Electrostatic Discharge Safety.


Caution  -  Ensure that all power is removed from the server before removing or installing PCIe risers, or damage to the PCIe cards installed in the risers might occur. You must disconnect all power cables from the system before performing these procedures.

The following sections provide information to assist you in servicing PCIe risers:

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