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Oracle® Exadata X8-2 Database Server Service Manual

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Updated: July 2020

Install the Front LED Indicator Module

  1. Attach an antistatic wrist strap to your wrist, and then to a metal area on the chassis.

    See Take Antistatic Measures.

  2. Unpack the replacement FIM and place it on an antistatic mat.
  3. If not installed, install the FIM cable through the plastic temperature sensor housing [1].
    image:Figure showing how to install the front indicator module (FIM) into
                            the server.
  4. Connect the FIM cable to the replacement FIM assembly [1, 2].
  5. Using a Phillips screwdriver, tighten the two screws to secure the temperature sensor housing to the FIM assembly [2].
  6. Carefully insert the FIM assembly into the front panel of the server chassis [3].
  7. Install and tighten the two Phillips screws to secure the FIM assembly to the server chassis [3].
  8. Return the server to operation.
    1. Return the server to the normal rack position.

      See Return the Server to the Normal Rack Position.

    2. Reconnect the power cords to the power supplies, and power on the server.

      See Reconnect Data Cables and Power Cords and Power On the Server.

    3. Verify that the System OK status indicator is lit.

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