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Oracle® Exadata X8-2 Database Server Service Manual

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Updated: July 2020

Basic Troubleshooting Process

Use the following process to address a hardware fault. For the step-by-step procedure, see Troubleshoot Hardware Faults Using the Oracle ILOM Web Interface.

  1. Identify the server subsystem containing the fault.

    You can use Oracle ILOM to identify the failed component.

  2. Review the Oracle Server X8-2 Product Notes and the Oracle Exadata Database Machine Release Notes at https://docs.oracle.com/en/engineered-systems/exadata-database-machine/index.html.

    The release notes contain up-to-date information about the server, including hardware-related issues.

  3. Prepare the server for service using Oracle ILOM.
    • Prepare for hot service if the component supports it.

      To hot service components (such as storage drives, fan modules, and power supplies), see the removal, installation, and replacement procedures in this document.

    • Prepare for cold service if hot service is not supported for the component.

      • Use Oracle to power off the system or server module.

      • Use Oracle ILOM to set the OK to Remove status for a server module that you must remove. This prevents any power or update processes from being initiated before you can remove the server module from the chassis.

  4. Prepare the service work space.

    Before servicing the server, prepare the work space, ensuring Electrostatic Discharge Safety (ESD) protection for the server and components.

    See Preparing for Service.

  5. Service the components.

    To service the components, see the removal, installation, and replacement procedures in this document.

  6. Clear the fault in Oracle ILOM.

    Depending on the component, you might need to clear the fault in Oracle ILOM. Generally, components that have a FRU ID clear the fault automatically.

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