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Oracle® Exadata X8-2 Database Server Service Manual

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Updated: July 2020

Remove the PCIe Riser From PCIe Slots 3 and 4

Note -  This PCIe riser is actually installed in PCIe slot 3, but it supports up to two PCIe cards. The upper slot, referred to as slot 3, can be used for any supported PCIe card, and, therefore, is optionally populated. The lower slot, referred to as slot 4, is dedicated to the internal HBA card, and, therefore is always populated. For instructions for servicing the internal HBA card, see Servicing the Internal HBA Card and HBA Super Capacitor.
  1. Prepare the server for service.
    1. Power off the server and disconnect the power cords from the power supplies.

      See Powering Down the Server

    2. Extend the server to the maintenance position.

      See Extend the Server to the Maintenance Position.

    3. Attach an antistatic wrist strap to your wrist and then to a metal area on the chassis.

      See Take Antistatic Measures.

    4. Remove the server top cover.

      See Remove the Server Top Cover.

  2. If there is a PCIe card installed in PCIe slot 3, disconnect any external or internal cables.

    Note -  Do not disconnect the SAS cables from the internal host bus adapter card in slot 4 until after you have removed the riser from the server.
  3. Open the green-tabbed latch located on the rear of the server chassis next to PCIe slot 3 to release the rear bracket on the PCIe card [1].
    image:Figure showing how to remove the PCIe riser from slot 3.

    Note -  If the riser does not have a PCIe card installed in slot 3, then lift the latch to release the PCIe slot 3 filler panel.
  4. To release the riser from the motherboard connector, lift the green-tabbed release lever on the PCIe riser to the open position [1].
  5. Grasp the riser with both hands and remove it from the server [2].
  6. Disconnect the SAS cables from the internal HBA card installed in PCIe slot 4.
  7. Disconnect the super capacitor cable from the internal HBA card in slot 4.
  8. Place the riser on an antistatic mat.

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