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Oracle® Exadata X8-2 Database Server Service Manual

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Updated: July 2020


descriptionindex iconReplaceable Components
installingindex iconInstall the Battery
removingindex iconRemove the Battery
Ethernet ports booting priorityindex iconEthernet Port Boot Order
BIOS factory defaults, verifyingindex iconVerify BIOS Factory Default Settings
BIOS Setup Utility
accessingindex iconAccess BIOS Setup Utility Menus
Advanced screenindex iconBIOS Advanced Menu Selections
Boot screenindex iconBIOS Boot Menu Selections
Exit screenindex iconBIOS Exit Menu Selections
exiting fromindex iconExit BIOS Setup Utility
function keysindex iconBIOS Key Mappings
IO screenindex iconBIOS IO Menu Selections
Main screenindex iconBIOS Main Menu Selections
menus, accessingindex iconAccess BIOS Setup Utility Menus
navigating menu optionsindex iconNavigate BIOS Setup Utility Menus
setup screens summaryindex iconBIOS Setup Utility Menus
shortcut key sequencesindex iconBIOS Key Mappings
TPM supportindex iconConfigure TPM Support
UEFI BIOSindex iconUsing UEFI BIOS
board componentsindex iconSystem Chassis Components
boot device, selectingindex iconSelect a Temporary Boot Device
boot drive
status indicatorsindex iconStorage Drive Status Indicators
boot process
power modesindex iconServer Boot Process and Normal Operating State Indicators
Fault Remindindex iconIdentify and Remove a Processor