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Getting Started with Your Siebel Application

QuickStart Agent

Access and Responsibilities

Web Browser Settings

Exiting the Siebel Application

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Understanding the Siebel Application Window

Home Page Overview

Siebel Application Window Overview

Siebel Application Window Components

Application-Level Menu

Branding Area

Siebel Application Toolbar

Screens and Views

Displaying Data

Vertical Scroll Bars

Record Navigation Buttons




Explorer (Tree)

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Working with Data

Records and Fields

Field Controls

Text Fields

Check Boxes

Option Buttons

Drop-Down Lists

Field Control Buttons

Currency Calculator

Calendar Control

Using Selection Dialog Boxes

Launching Selection Dialog Boxes

Associating Records Using a Single Selection Dialog Box

Associating Records Using a Multiple Selection Dialog Box

Finding Records in a Selection Dialog Box

Querying for Records in a Selection Dialog Box

Common Record Tasks

Saving Data

Canceling Changes

Using Record Hyperlinks

Adding a Record

Copying a Record

Editing a Record

Deleting a Record

Identifying a New Record

Flagging a Record

Adding a Note to a Record

Associating a Record with Another Record

About Record Feature

Merging Duplicate Records

Printing Records

Spell Checking

Changing Multiple Records

Using Attachments

Sorting Records in a List

Freezing Columns in a List

Organizing Columns in a List

About Keyboard Shortcuts

Data Quality


Data Cleansing

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Locating Information

Finding Search and Query Information

Using Queries

Predefined Queries

User-Defined Queries

Query Commands: Creating a Query

Query Comments: Executing a Query

Query Commands: Refining a Query

Common Query Tasks

Querying Within a Selection Dialog Box

Using the Query Assistant

Query Tips

Using Default Queries

Querying a Telephone Number

Query Operators

Using the Search Center

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Sharing Information

Running Reports

Emailing, Faxing, Paging, and Wireless Messaging

Using the HTML Editor

Creating a Siebel Bookmark

Creating Shortcuts to Siebel Records

Importing Data

Exporting Data

Using the Message Bar

Synchronizing Data

Overview of the Synchronization Process

Selecting Contacts and Employees for Synchronization

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Using the Calendar

Calendar Views

Viewing Activities

Calendar Activity Defaults

Recurring Activity Defaults

Calendar Activity Fields

Calendar Tasks

Viewing Calendar Activities

Adding an Activity to the Calendar

Adding a To Do Activity to the To Do List

Adding a Recurring Calendar Activity

Deleting a Calendar Activity

Deleting a Recurring Calendar Activity

Marking a To Do Activity Complete

Changing a Calendar Activity

Changing and Saving a Recurring Activity

Rescheduling an Activity

Adding Participants to an Activity

Removing Participants From an Activity

Using the Participant Availability Subview

Reassigning an Activity

Granting Access to Your Calendar

Viewing Other Users' Calendars

Using Group Calendars

Using Alarms for Activities

Changing the Date

Querying Your Calendar

Printing Your Calendar

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Customizing the User Interface

Customizing Your Home Page

Using the Home Page Controls

Editing the Page Layout

User Preferences

Updating Profile and Behavior Settings

Customizing Outbound Email

Setting Search Preferences

Setting Up Default Queries

Running a Spell Check Automatically

Customizing Aspects of the Message Bar

View Personalization

Customizing Aspects of the Calendar

Setting Up Synchronization Preferences

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Keyboard Shortcuts

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Query Operators

Simple Query Operators

Compound Query Operators

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 Published: 14 August 2003