Package com.plumtree.server

Interface Summary
IPTAccessList An Access List describes the security attributes of a Plumtree Object.
IPTAccessListEntry An Access List describes the security attributes of a Plumtree Object.
IPTAccessor An IPTAccessor is an external component that knows how to parse a particular type of document and return metadata found in the document
IPTAccessorRegistry A registry for Accessors that are known to the system
IPTActivityGroups Interface used for granting rights to groups, revoking rights from groups, and querying for the rights of a group.
IPTAdminCatalog All administrative objects in Plumtree are stored in a foldering system.
IPTAdminFolder All administrative objects in Plumtree are stored in a foldering system.
IPTAdminSettings This interface is used to retrieve and set the Administrative settings on a Gadget.
IPTAsyncGadgetProvider The interface implemented by portlet providers that support asynchronous processing.
IPTAuditManager This interface is used to manage the audit trail for changes to Plumtree objects.
IPTAuthSource Authentication Source objects provide authentication for plumtree users, as well as synchronization with external user repositories.
IPTCatalog The interface representing the Knowledge Directory (Catalog).
IPTContent Returns gatewayed content.
IPTCookieInfo Used to forward a Single Sign-On cookie.
IPTDocumentType Interface for IPTDocumentTYpe
IPTDocumentTypeMap Interface for IPTDocumentTypeMap
IPTExternalOperation JHQ 050604: External Operations have been re-architected to run script files instead of commands from the command line.
IPTFederatedEncryptionProvider Deprecated.  
IPTFederatedPortal The term Federated Portal refers to a remote Plumtree Portal that is part of a network of Plumtree Portals that work together to deliver content.
IPTFederatedPortalManager A Federated Portal is accessed by issuing a Federated Search to it.
IPTFederatedSearch Federated Searches are used to access data on remote Federated Portals.
IPTFederatedSearchAgent This is the interface for the federated search agent.
IPTFederatedSearchProvider An IPTFederatedSearchProvider is an external component that knows how to perform searches in external systems and return search results to Plumtree
IPTFederatedSearchProviderRegistry A registry for Federated Search Providers that are known to the system
IPTFileUploadAgent Deprecated.  
IPTGadget The Gadget interface wraps access to a specific portlet instance.
IPTGadgetAssociatedContentProvider The interface implemented by provider that wish to expose associated content files to the portal.
IPTGadgetCacheSite Object used to hold gadget data in the gadget cache.
IPTGadgetContentServer This interface wraps access to a specific remote server instance.
IPTGadgetGateway A global object available from the session via OpenGlobalObject that retrieves associated content via an HTTP gateway.
IPTGadgetInfo IPTGadgetInfo
IPTGadgetProviderRegistry A registry for Gadget Providers that are known to the system
IPTGadgetTemplate PTGadgetTemplate interface.
IPTGenerateState This is a secondary interface optionally implemented by data source providers to assist the UI to to generate a property bag describing a document from this data source.
IPTGuestLogin IPTGuestLogin defines the guest-user experience during an unauthenticated session, up to the point where the user is successfully authenticated.
IPTGuestLoginInfo This is the Info object of IPTGuestLogin.
IPTIndexer Interface for class which manages the indexing, updating, and deleting of cards, folders, and administrative objects.
IPTInvitation Administrative and browsing interface for modifying and accessing an invitation.
IPTLDAPQueryTool Deprecated.  
IPTListManager General interface which is mean to be used for the addition, deletion, and edit of a list of simple "objects".
IPTLocalizable This interface is supported by objects that support localization of their names and descriptions.
IPTLockManager Used to query for locked Plumtree objects, unlock locked objects, and clear expired object locks.
IPTLogAnalysis IPTLogAnalysis is the primary interface for search server log report functionality.
IPTMigratable This interface is implemented by objects that are migratable via Object migration.
IPTMigrationElement This interface represents an intermediate format for serialized Plumtree objects.
IPTMigrationManager This interface manages the Import and Export of migration packages of Plumtree objects into/out of a system.
IPTMigrationProvider Interface for Migration providers which allow remote applications to plug migration features into the migration utility.
IPTMyPages IPTMyPages
IPTMyPortal Deprecated. Interface IPTMyPortal is deprecated.
IPTMyPortalGadgetContent IPTMyPortalGadgetContent
IPTObject This is the fundamental interface for all Plumtree administrative objects.
IPTObjectLock Internal interface used for locking and unlocking Plumtree objects.
IPTObjectManager Object Managers are used to create, open, copy, delete, and find administrative objects.
IPTObjectProperties Modify and retrieve property data associated with object-manager managed objects, administrative folders, and document folders.
IPTObjectPropertyMap Retrieve and modify property to class mappings for object properties.
IPTPageTemplate IPTPageTemplate
IPTPersist IPTPersist is implemented by objects that wish to support standardized persistence to and from the Plumtree database.
IPTPickListEditor Modify the values of a managed pick list.
IPTProfileManager Interface to access information about user profiles.
IPTProfilePage Used to store user profile layout information in the database.
IPTProfileSection Used to store user profile layout information in the database.
IPTProfileSource Profile source objects import user profile information from external repositories.
IPTProperty A Property represents normalized extended metadata about Plumtree objects.
IPTPropertyFilterClauses A PropertyFilterClauses element is an element within a filter that contains PropertyFilterStatements and other PropertyFilterClauses.
IPTPropertyFilterItem Filters are used in Plumtree to perform queries- the filter is used to specify which items should be returned in the query.
IPTPropertyFilterStatement A PropertyFilterStatement is an element within a filter that specifies an atomic condition, such as "Name = 'Fred'".
IPTPropertyMap The Property Map provides a mapping of Card Properties to Document Attributes
IPTQueryFilter Deprecated. This interface should not be used since it is never implemented by any classes (in the server as well as UI).
IPTQueryResult IPTQueryResult are returned by many server calls.
IPTRegAccess Deprecated.  
IPTRemoteMigrationContext This interface is used for remote migration of portlets.
IPTScheduledOperation IPTScheduledOperation is the internal interface used to run job operations.
IPTSearchQuery Interface that encapsulates one search query; used with (and manufactured by) IPTSearchRequest.
IPTSearchRequest IPTSearchRequest is the major interface used to run a search through the Plumtree portal; it contains factory methods for search queries, settings that govern all aspects of the search, and methods to actually execute the query.
IPTSearchResponse IPTSearchResponse contains the results of a single search; it is returned by IPTSearchRequest.Search() and FollowupSearch().
IPTServerConfigSettings The IPTServerConfigSettings interface is used to set and retrieve global Plumtree Server settings.
IPTServerContext The IPTServerContext interface is used to set and retrieve object metadata that is common to Plumtree objects.
IPTSession The IPTSession interface is the main entry point into the Portal API.
IPTSessionInfo This object caches the user specific items on the IPTSession (specifically, on its InternalSession).
IPTSessionPrefChangeNotification This interface defines the method to be called when there's a change in session prefs.
IPTSiteMapFolder IPTSiteMapFolder
IPTSiteMapFolderInfo IPTSiteMapFolderInfo
IPTSiteMapFolderManager IPTSiteMapFolderManager
IPTSiteMapLink IPTSiteMapLink
IPTSSOInfo Used to store information which will be sent in portlet and gateway requests.
IPTState The IPTState interface provides a means to pass in request-specific variables from the UI into the server.
IPTStates This interface is a container for managing a collection of IPTState objects.
IPTStorable Objects that can be stored implement the IPTStorable interface
IPTStreamScroller Deprecated.  
IPTStringLocalizationManager This interface is used to download or upload all localized strings in the Server in one batch (that is, localized names and descriptions for Plumtree objects.) Generally, this will be used to employ third party localization firms to localize strings.
IPTSyncSingleNTDomain Deprecated.  
IPTTaxonomist This class defines an object that performs taxonomization.
IPTTestManager Deprecated.  
IPTTokenAccess Deprecated.  
IPTTrace Deprecated.  
IPTTransformer Deprecated.  
IPTUnknown Deprecated.  
IPTUpgradeManager Used to perform upgrades from Plumtree 4.5ws -> the current version of Plumtree.
IPTUser IPTUser is the interface representing a portal User object.
IPTUserGroup IPTUserGroup is the interface representing a portal UserGroup object.
IPTUserInfo UserInfo is information about the current user that is sent to portlets.
IPTUserInterface Represents a type of user interface that a portlet or other web service may optionally support, such as wireless device portals.
IPTUserInterfaceManager Object manager for IPTUserInterface objects.
IPTUserManager Used to perform administrative tasks on users
IPTWebService This interface wraps access to a specific web service instance.

Class Summary
PlumtreeExtensibility PlumtreeExtensibility.h THIS FILE IS INTENDED AS AN API.
PT_ACCESS_LEVELS This list contains the available access levels in the Plumtree security model.
PT_ACCESSOR_CAPABILITIES A list of optional capabilities that an accessor may support.
PT_ACL_IMPORT_CAPABILITIES A list of optional capabilities that a data source ACL sync provider may support.
PT_ACL_IMPORT_COLS Defines the columns of an array of Access Control Lists.
PT_ACL_IMPORT_TYPE Type of Access Control List.
PT_ACTIVITY_RIGHTS This list includes all of the standard Activity Rights supported by Plumtree.
PT_ADMIN_FOLDER_JOB_TYPES These values are used to set or query the job type for an Admin Folder (through IPTAdminFolder.SetJobType() or IPTAdminFolder.GetJobType().) The job type of an Admin Folder determines what action the Admin Folder will perform when it is scheduled to run as a job.
PT_ADMIN_FOLDER_TYPES This list includes the identifiers for all Admin Folder types.
PT_ASSOCIATEDCONTENT A list of predefined pages containing content associated with a portlet or web service.
PT_AUDIT_TYPES This list includes all the types of auditing supported by Plumtree.
PT_AUTHSOURCE_SUPPORTSSYNCMODES Constant class which details the capabilities of auth sources: authentication (verification of users' identity on login) and/or synchronization (import of users and groups into Plumtree).
PT_AUTHSOURCEPROV_GROUPMEMBERSHIP_COLS Defines an additional column returned by auth source providers in group membership queries.
PT_AUTHSOURCEPROV_USERGROUP_COLS Defines the columns returned by auth source providers in user and group queries.
PT_AUTHSOURCEPROVIDER_CAPABILITIES A list of optional capabilities that an auth source provider may support.
PT_AUTHTYPES Deprecated.  
PT_BOOLOPS Boolean operators (AND and OR) as used in Plumtree filters- the filter operator is a PT_BOOLOPS.
PT_CARD_SETTINGS Plumtree Card Settings.
PT_CARDREF_STATES Plumtree Card Approval States.
PT_CARDREFRESHSETTING Plumtree Card Refresh Settings
PT_CARDREFRESHSETTINGCOLUMNS Plumtree Card Refresh Setting Columns
PT_CATALOG_SETTINGS Plumtree Catalog settings.
PT_CATALOGOBJ_STATUS This list contains the possible status of objects in the Search Server.
PT_CHILDNODE_INDICES This list contains the different types of information about a Child Node during a Crawl
PT_CLASSIDS Lists all classes, or types, of objects supported by Plumtree
PT_COMMUNITY_MEMBERSHIPTYPE Enumeration of the different membership types of a Community.
PT_CONTAINER_OPERATIONS This list contains the possible Scheduled Folder Operations.
PT_CP_CAPABILITIES This list is used to check the capabilities of a Crawl Provider.
PT_CRAWL_CONTAINER_INFO This list contains the different types of information about Folders during a Crawl.
PT_CRAWL_INFO This list specifies the different parameters that a Crawl can have
PT_CRAWL_PROVIDER_CAPABILITY_VALUES This list contains the possible values for the capabilities listed in PT_CP_CAPABILITIES
PT_CRAWLER_SETTINGS This list defines a list of settings for a Crawler.
PT_CRAWLPROVIDER_GETCHILDNODEMASK This list specifies the bitmask used to retrieve information about a Child Node
PT_DATASOURCEPROVREGISTRY_CRAWL_CAPABILITIES Data Source Crawl Capabilities bit mask used by the Data Source Provider Registry
PT_DOC_ACTION_TYPES Enumeration of search indexing action codes, used by IPTIndexer to return information about the success or failure of indexing requests.
PT_DSPROVIDER_CAPABILITIES A list of optional capabilities that a data source provider may support.
PT_DSPROVIDER_CAPABILITY_VALUES Does this data source provider support crawling?
PT_EDIT_ACTIVITY_COLUMNS Identities of columns used in edit activities.
PT_FEDERATEDPORTALPROVIDER_SESSIONKEYS These constants are used by the FederatedEncryptionProvider to record what type of key should be used for encryption/decryption
PT_FEDERATEDSEARCHMODES These constants define the allowed search modes for Federated Searches
PT_FIELDARRAY_INDICES Indices for Field arrays returned by Accessors and Data Source Providers.
PT_FILTER_ITEM_TYPES Filter Item Types are used to set the type for IPTPropertyFilterItems.
PT_FILTER_SETTINGS These constants define the settings that can be set or retrieved for an IPTFilter
PT_FILTEROPS The FILTEROPS constants define the operators that are supported in query filters.
PT_FILTERTYPES These constants define the types of filters that the IPTFilter interface can support.
PT_GADGET_ALIGNMENTS Portlet alignment values.
PT_GADGET_COLUMNS Gadget column enumerator.
PT_GADGET_FLAGS Flags for gadgets.
PT_GADGET_MODES Defines the mode or context in which a portlet runs.
PT_GADGET_TYPES The type of portlet.
PT_GADGETPERSONALIZATION_ROLES A bitmask of the types of personalization that a web service supports.
PT_GADGETPROVIDER_CAPABILITIES A list of optional capabilities that a portlet provider may support.
PT_GLOBALOBJECTS Global objects are opened through IPTSession.OpenGlobalObject.
PT_IMAGE_FORMATS Deprecated.  
PT_INTRINSICS These constants represent the ObjectIDs for intrinsic Plumtree objects- objects that should be in every system, and cannot be deleted
PT_LOCALIZED_STRINGS_INDICES Indices of the columns in the 2D array returned by IPTLocalizable.
PT_LOCKSTATES These constants define the lock states for server objects, as returned by IPTServerContext.GetLockState()
PT_LOGLEVELS Log levels are used by Scheduled Operations to decide how much logging they should perform to the Job Log
PT_MANDATORYORDERING Mandatory ordering priority.
PT_MARKUP_ARRAY_COLS Defines the columns of the array of markup fragments returned by a web service, including finished markup and unfinished portions that require further processing.
PT_MARKUP_FRAGMENT_TYPES Defines the type of each fragment in the array of markup fragments.
PT_MIGRATION_OBJECT_COLS Indices of the columns in the 2D array returned by IPTMigrationManager.UUIDToObjectID
PT_MIGRATION_STATUS_TYPES These constants define the Migration Statuses supported in Plumtree objects.
PT_MSGTYPES Log message types used when logging job messages, for example in InternalSession.JobLogMsg
PT_OBJECT_DEPENDENCY_COLS Indices of the columns in the 2D array returned by IPTMigrationElement.GetDependencies
PT_OBJECT_DEPENDENCY_TYPES These constants define the types of dependency that one migration element can have on another migration element.
PT_ORDERBY_SETTINGS These constants define the order (ascending or descending) for ObjectManager queries
PT_PAGE_TEMPLATE_JOB_TYPES Page template job types.
PT_PAGE_TYPES Page types.
PT_PICKTABLE_COLUMNS Picktables are described by a 2D array.
PT_PICKTABLE_TYPES Enumerates the allowed types of picklist tables.
PT_PORTALOBJECT_TYPES Portal object types.
PT_PROFILE_UNIQUE_KEYS Defines the meaning of special property IDs used by the IPTProfileSource interface as unique keys for profile syncs.
PT_PROFILER_MODE Enumeration for different profiling (aka taxonomization) options.
PT_PROFILESOURCE_STATUS Return values for the profile provider's AttachToUser.
PT_PROPAGATE_SECURITY_MODES These constants control how IPTAdminCatalog.PropPropagateAdminFoldersSecurity propages ACL state from parent folders to child folders
PT_PROPERTY_CHARACTERISTICS Values in this enum can be passed into IPTProperty.GetCharacteristicsAsXXX or SetCharacteristics.
PT_PROPERTY_TYPES Every Plumtree IPTProperty is typed with a value from this enum.
PT_PROPIDS These constants define the properties that can be retrieved from ObjectManagers when querying them for objects.
PT_PROVIDER_CLSIDS Lists all Provider Class IDs
PT_PROVIDER_DOC_TYPE_MAP_SECTIONS Defines a list of sections that should appear in the Document Type Map.
PT_REGISTRYTYPES These constants define the available Plumtree registries, and can be passed into IPTSession.OpenRegistry
PT_RELATED_RESOURCES_ACCESS_TYPES These constants define which Related Resource types in a particular SubPortal can be seen.
PT_RESULTCODES These constants enumerate result codes that could appear in errors thrown by the Plumtree Portal.
PT_SEARCH_ABSTYPES "Abstract types" to be searched as part of an IPTSearchRequest.
PT_SEARCH_APPS Applications to be searched as part of an IPTSearchRequest.
PT_SEARCH_INTERNAL_FIELD This enumeration lists special "internal fields" that can be requested by calling IPTSearchResponse.GetResultInternalField.
PT_SEARCH_SETTING These are settings that can be get and set on an IPTSearchRequest, via GetSettings() and SetSettings().
PT_SEARCH_WARNING This enumeration lists all the warning codes that can be returned by IPTSearchResponse.GetWarning.
PT_SEARCHACCESS_SETTINGS This (vaguely named) enumeration lists legal values for IPTSearchRequest's PT_SEARCHSETTING_TIMEOUT setting.
PT_SEARCHCOLLECTION_SETTINGS This enumeration lists legal setting IDs that may be used in a call to IPTIndexer.GetSettings() or IPTIndexer.SetSettings().
PT_SEARCHES Deprecated.  
PT_SERIALIZED_LOCALIZED_STRINGS_COLS Localized strings (object names and descriptions) that are stored by the server can be serialized to an array through the IPTStringLocalizationManager.GetLocalizedStrings and IPTStringLocalizationManager.SetLocalizedStrings calls.
PT_SERVER_CONFIG_SETTINGNAME These constants define the settings that can be set or retrieved through the IPTServerConfigSettings interface
PT_SERVERCONSTANTS A grab bag of lower and upper limits on values used by the Server
PT_SERVERCONTEXT_SETTINGS These constants define the settings supported by IPTServerContext.
PT_SESSION_SETTINGS These constants define the settings that can be set or retrieved through the IPTSession.GetSettingsAsXXX and SetSettings calls
PT_STATEMODES These values can be passed to IPTStates.Get to return the approprate IPTState object
PT_SUBPORTAL_ACCESS_TYPES Subportal access types.
PT_SUGG_DOC_TYPE_MAP_ENTRIES_INDICES Indices for suggested Document Type Map Entries
PT_SYNCTYPES Enumeration of sync types for auth sources.
PT_UPGRADE_DATATYPES Datatypes for data used in IPTUpgradeManager
PT_UPGRADE_PARAMETERS_COLS Indices of the columns in the 2D array returned by IPTUpgradeManager.
PT_XML_ARRAY_COLS Markup fragments of type PT XML are returned as 2D arrays with these columns.
PT_XML_TYPES Markup fragments of type PT XML are returned as 2D arrays with these columns.

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