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Sun Server X3-2 (formerly Sun Fire X4170 M3) Product Notes

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Updated: October 2018

FRU TLI Auto-Update

Oracle ILOM includes a top-level indicator (TLI) auto-update feature that ensures the TLI stored in the server's field-replaceable units (FRUs) is always correct. The TLI, which is unique to each server, is used to track the server's service entitlement and warranty coverage. When a server requires service, the server's TLI is used to verify that the server's warranty has not expired.

The TLI is stored in the FRUID (field-replaceable unit identifiers) of these components: power supply 0 (PS0), motherboard (MB), and disk backplane (DBP).

Note -  You should not replace the power supply 0 (PS0), disk backplane, or motherboard at the same time. Replace one component at a time, and reboot the SP after each replacement.

The TLI components stored in each component FRUID include:

  • Product name

  • PPN (product part number)

  • PSN (product serial number)

When a server FRU that contains the TLI is removed and a replacement module installed, the TLI of the replacement module is programmed by Oracle ILOM to contain the same TLI as the other two modules.

Note -  After you have replaced power supply 0, the disk backplane, or the motherboard, you might need to reset the ILOM service processor (SP) to propagate the FRU top-level indicator (TLI) data to the new power supply 0, disk backplane, or motherboard. For instructions on resetting the SP, see the Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) 3.1 Configuration and Maintenance Guide at https://www.oracle.com/goto/ilom/docs.