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Sun Server X3-2 (formerly Sun Fire X4170 M3) Product Notes

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Updated: October 2018

Using OS tools to create, modify or delete UEFI Boot variables might cause the loss of a variable required for the OS to start (15784988, formerly CR 7160733)

During operating system installations in Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) mode, operating system installers will create UEFI Boot variables to be used in BIOS menus to select the operating system to boot. To avoid potential loss of a boot variable created by the operating system installer, you should not use any operating system tools or utilities to manage (create, modify, or delete) these boot variables. Loss of a boot variable will preclude users from being able to boot the operating system.

Affected software:

  • All supported UEFI-capable operating systems

  • Releases 1.0 and later


If a UEFI Boot variable is lost, reinstall the operating system so as to create a new UEFI Boot variable.