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Sun Server X3-2 (formerly Sun Fire X4170 M3) Product Notes

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Updated: October 2018

Connect AC Power Cables Before Installing Slide-Rails in Sun Rack II 1042

Right-angle AC power cables must be installed before slide-rails when installing the Sun Server X3-2 into a Sun Rack II 1042 (1000-mm) system rack. The standard rail kit tool-less slide-rails impede access to the 15kVA and 22kVA Power Distribution Unit (PDU) electrical sockets in the 1000-mm rack. If you use the standard AC power cables and then install the slide-rails into the rack, you will be unable to disconnect or remove the AC power cables.

Note -  This procedure applies only to server installations within the Sun Rack II 1042 (1000-mm) system rack. You do not have to perform this procedure if you are installing the servers into the Sun Rack II 1242 (1200-mm) system rack.

You must use the following 2-meter right-angle AC power cable for this procedure:

  • 7079727 - Pwrcord, Jmpr, Bulk, SR2, 2m, C14RA, 10A, C13

Perform this procedure in conjunction with the instructions provided in “Installing the Server Into a Rack” in the Sun Server X3-2 Installation Guide.