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Sun Server X3-2 (formerly Sun Fire X4170 M3) Product Notes

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Updated: October 2018

Incorrect Cautionary Text About Reusing a Processor (1657905)

In the Sun Server X3-2 Service Manual, there is an incorrect statement about needing to install a new processor as part of the motherboard assembly replacement procedure.

If you need to remove and replace the motherboard assembly in a Sun Server X3-2 server, for any reason, you must first remove the processor from the motherboard before you remove the motherboard assembly. If the processor is in good working condition, you can install that same processor back onto the motherboard after you replace the motherboard assembly into the server. There is no requirement to install a new processor as part of a motherboard assembly replacement procedure.

However, within the X3-2 Service Manual, there is a Caution in the motherboard assembly replacement procedure that states:

"Whenever you remove a processor, you should replace it with another processor and reinstall the processor heatsink; otherwise, the server might overheat due to improper airflow."

This Caution implies that any time a processor is removed, the processor must be replaced with a different or new processor. That statement is incorrect because you can install the same processor that you removed from the previous motherboard onto the replacement motherboard assembly.


Ignore the cautionary text in the Sun Server X3-2 Service Manual.