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Sun Server X3-2 (formerly Sun Fire X4170 M3) Product Notes Version 1.9

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Updated: October 2017

Oracle ILOM Deprecation Notice for IPMI 2.0 Management Service

Present Behavior: IPMI 2.0 Sessions - Enabled (Default). Support for IPMI 2.0 client interfaces.

Future Behavior: The following IPMI Management Service changes will occur in future Oracle ILOM firmware releases after firmware version 3.2.7.

  • First feature change: Oracle ILOM will add a new client interface as an alternative to the IPMI 2.0 Client interface.

  • Second feature change: The default configuration property for IPMI 2.0 Sessions will change from Enabled to Disabled in a future release. Clients relying on IPMI 2.0 will be unable to communicate with Oracle ILOM unless the configuration property for IPMI 2.0 Sessions is manually enabled.

  • Third feature change: Removal of IPMI 2.0 client support. IPMI 2.0 clients will no longer be able to communicate with Oracle ILOM.

For future updates about IPMI Management Service support in Oracle ILOM, refer to the latest firmware release information in the Oracle ILOM Feature Updates and Release Notes for Firmware 3.2.x.