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Sun Server X3-2 (formerly Sun Fire X4170 M3) Product Notes

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Updated: October 2018

Standby Over-Temperature Protection

Standby over-temperature protection provides thermal protection to power supply units (PSUs) and motherboards in systems that are installed in a rack. When a system is in standby power mode, both the system fans and power supply fans are non-operational. In rare cases, this can cause the power supply and motherboard temperature sensors to cross temperature thresholds and warn the user of an over-temperature condition.

When an over-temperature condition occurs in a system that is in standby power mode, the standby over-temperature protection feature will power on the host for 25 seconds, allowing system fans to circulate and cool the system PSUs and the motherboard. During this 25 seconds, the service processor (SP) will not allow server host power requests by the user until the power cycle has completed. During the standby over-temperature protection event, BIOS will be halted so that the system will not attempt to boot. No system activity will be seen on the VGA connection.

When standby over-temperature protection is activated, Oracle ILOM records in the SP Event Log that “Standby Over-temperature Protection” was activated due to a temperature threshold crossing.

Note -  The Standby Over-temperature Protection feature was added to Oracle ILOM starting with Software Release 1.1.1 for the Sun Server X3-2.