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Oracle® X8 Series Servers Administration Guide

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Updated: October 2019

Back Up Current Oracle ILOM Configuration (Oracle Hardware Management Pack)

  1. Access the operating system command line with root privileges.
  2. Type the ilomconfig export command:

    ilomconfig export config --xmlfile=filename.xml

    A prompt appears asking whether you want to specify a passphrase. The passphrase is used to encrypt sensitive data in the backup file. If you specify a passphrase, the passphrase is required to restore the backed up configuration. If you do not specify a passphrase, sensitive data will not be included in the backup file.

  3. Specify your passphrase choices:
    • If you choose to encrypt sensitive data in the file, type y, and then specify a passphrase.

    • If you choose not to include sensitive data in the backup file, type n.

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