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Oracle® X8 Series Servers Administration Guide

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Updated: October 2019

Logging In to Oracle ILOM

You can physically connect to the SP using a serial connection or a network connection. The network connection can be configured to use a static IP address or DHCP (the default). Optionally, the servers can use an in-band network connection to the SP, rather than the default out-of-band NET MGT port.

You can log in to the Oracle ILOM command-line interface (CLI) locally using the RJ-45 serial management port (SER MGT). You also can log in to the Oracle ILOM web interface or CLI remotely using one of the network ports on the server.

To log in to Oracle ILOM, follow these procedures:

Note -  Oracle ILOM is shipped with a default administrator account and password that allows first-time login and access. The default account is root and the password is changeme. To build a secure environment and to enforce user authentication, you must change the default password for this account. If this default Administrator account has since been changed, contact your system administrator for an Oracle ILOM user account with Administrator privileges.

Note -  To prevent unauthorized access to Oracle ILOM, create user accounts for each user. For details, see Establishing User Accounts and Roles.