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Oracle® X8 Series Servers Administration Guide

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Updated: October 2019

Configure SP Sideband Access (Oracle ILOM)

This procedure describes how to change the SP management port to an in-band (or sideband) host network port.

If you perform this procedure using a network connection, you might lose connectivity to the server. Using a serial connection for this procedure eliminates the possibility of losing connectivity during sideband management configuration changes.

  1. Log in to the Oracle ILOM CLI.
  2. If you logged in using the serial port, assign a static IP address.

    For instructions, refer to the information about assigning a static IP address in the Installation Guide for the server.

  3. To view the current network settings, type:
    -> show /SP/network

    For example, in the output, you might find these properties:

    managementport = MGMT
    pendingmanagementport = MGMT
  4. To set the SP management port to a sideband port, type:
    -> set /SP/network pendingmanagementport=port
    -> set /SP/network commitpending=true

    where port can be NET0, NET1, NET2, or NET3 for a sideband port.

  5. To verify the change, type:
    -> show /SP/network

    For example, in the output, you might find these new properties:

    managementport = NET0
    pendingmanagementport = NET0