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Oracle® X8 Series Servers Administration Guide

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Updated: October 2019

Configuring RAID Using Rapid Storage Technology Enterprise (RSTe)

You can create and manage RAID arrays on the Oracle Servers X8 SATA M.2 (SSDs) using Intel Rapid Storage Technology Enterprise (RSTe), which provide the following benefits:

  • Additional protection from data loss.

  • Data is protected against a drive failure when you configure your system for RAID level 1 (mirror).

  • Additional advantage of allowing an operating system to install directly to the RAID volume.

  • BIOS exports the volumes as a target device to the operating system installer, streamlining the OS installation.

  • The OS uses the system CPUs to manage and configure the RAID volumes.

You can configure the volumes from the BIOS level or from Windows or Linux operating systems.

Note -  Oracle Solaris does not support RSTe. You can mirror Oracle Solaris M.2 root volumes with Oracle ZFS File System.