The ATG Page Developer’s Guide describes how to work with Nucleus components and JavaServer Pages—two core building blocks of any Web site.

Nucleus components are server-side JavaBeans and servlets that perform the back-end functionality of the Web application—for example, enabling database connectivity, logging, scheduling, and handling HTTP requests. Java developers create these components and link them together as applications in ATG’s development framework, Nucleus.

Site visitors browse and interact with JavaServer Pages (JSPs), dynamic documents that conform to the JavaServer Pages 2.0 specification ( The ATG platform’s DSP tag library provides specialized markup tags to render content dynamically by linking Nucleus components directly to JSPs. The DSP tag library lets you connect JSP content to back-end Java code. Thus, the presentation layer and site application logic can be separately developed and maintained.

Nucleus and the DSP tag library let you accomplish the following tasks:

  • Display component property values.

  • Connect HTML forms to component property values, so information entered by the user is sent directly to the components.

  • Reuse HTML content by embedding the contents of one page in other pages.

  • Embed ATG servlet beans that display the servlet’s output as a dynamic element in a JSP.

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