The following example defines properties for the SimpleSQLFormHandler component SkierHandler, which tracks information about skiers and is configured as follows:



You can use the SkierHandler component to look up or change the properties of skiers who are registered with an application. For example, skiers can change the value of their preferredActivity property with this portion of the editPerson.jsp page:

  <td align=right><b>Your preferred activity:</b></td>
  <td><dsp:select bean="SkierHandler.value.preferredActivity">
      <dsp:option value="Skiing">Skiing</dsp:option>
      <dsp:option value="Snowboarding">Snowboarding</dsp:option>
      <dsp:option value="X-Country">X-Country</dsp:option>

When a user submits this form, the preferredActivity property of the value property of the SkierHandler is set to the selected option, and is inserted in the appropriate row of the SKIER database table.

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