ATG Personalization lets you customize content for specific users and events, primarily through two mechanisms:

For example, a site that covers sporting events might use a content targeter to show users articles about those sports that match the locale specified in their individual profiles. The targeter might have these rules:

Show this content:
to these people:
   people in group BaseballLovers
   whose is Boston

The same site might also use slots in order to determine the content that users see when they navigate to certain pages—for example, slots that highlight certain items that are relevant to the current page, such as new items of sports clothing, or clearance items for camping equipment.

This chapter describes servlet beans for incorporating targeted content into JSPs. Each targeting servlet bean gathers the items defined by a specific targeter, and displays all or a subset of them.

For specific information about targeting servlet beans, see Appendix B: ATG Servlet Beans. For information about creating targeted content components such as content targeters and slots, see the Personalization Guide for Business Users.

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