The Contenttype HTTP response header specifies the MIME type. Different flavors of XML can have different MIME types. For example:

The recent XML Media Types specification ( suggests more variations, such as image/rdf+xml for RDF, and image/xslt+xml for XSLT.

The ATG platform determines which MIME type to use in the following order of precedence:

  1. The MIME type that is set explicitly in the stylesheet via the mediatype attribute: <xsl:output mediatype="a/b"/>.

  2. The MIME type indicated in the DynamoHTTPServletResponse (response)

  3. The default used by the application server for the specific file type. The default for JSPs is text/html.

Because the default MIME type is not the expected XSL default mechanism based on the method or the expected text/xml, it is advisable to set the MIME type explicitly in the stylesheet. For information about overriding the default MIME type, see the Installation and Configuration Guide.

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