<dsp:textarea bean=" property-spec"
   [dynamic attributes]




Specifies the Nucleus path, component name, and name of the property to update from the user-entered data. If this property has data, it displays in the multi-line text box as the default value unless the default attribute specifies another value.

The property specification can also include a tag converter, such as date or null. For more information, see Tag Converters.


Assigns a name to this text box, which enables access to it during form processing. If no name is provided, the ATG platform automatically supplies one. For all input types other than radio and checkbox, the assigned name must be unique.


Specifies a default value to display in the text box. The default attribute can be set to a bean property, page parameter, or constant value.

You can omit the default attribute and instead embed default text (dynamic or static) between the start and end dsp:textarea tags. If you use both methods, the text in the default attribute has precedence.


Specifies the priority of this text box field during form processing, relative to other input fields. This attribute can be especially helpful when making changes to an item’s repository ID and the properties it contains. If you first update the supplemental properties and then the repository ID, the new property values can be flushed when the repository ID change occurs.

For more information, see Order of Tag Processing

dynamic attributes

Include additional attributes as needed for the output that your JSP will generate. This tag will pass the attributes into the corresponding output tag. The names of the attributes you include are not validated by the dsp tag library.

Usage Notes

dsp:textarea lets you create an extended text box that for multi-line input. If you use start and end tag, they should be closely spaced together; any text between the two tags (including white space and line returns) is rendered as the text box’s default value.

This tag must be enclosed in a dsp:form tag.

Note: The dsp:textarea tag uses the iclass attribute instead of the cascading stylesheet class attribute to avoid using a Java reserved word in Java code.


<dsp:textarea bean="Student_01.disciplinaryAction" default="None"/>

This tag inserts a multi-line text box on a form page. The text box displays the default value None despite the data in the disciplinaryAction property. The default value or any changes made to it are saved to the disciplinaryAction property of the Student_01 component.

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