Two servlet beans let you test which sites are in the same site group and share data as specified by the ShareableType components that are configured for the group:

  • SitesShareShareableDroplet tests whether two sites are in the same sharing group and therefore have equal access to the data of objects that are shared within the group. For example, before changing the site context on a given page, you might first want to check whether the two sites are in a sharing group that accesses the same shopping cart.

  • SharingSitesDroplet identifies a sharing group and returns its member sites.

For detailed information, see the documentation for these servlets in Appendix B: ATG Servlet Beans.

SitesShareShareableDroplet Example

The following example uses SitesShareShareableDroplet to test whether the current site and another site are in the same sharing group and access the same shopping cart:

<dsp:droplet name="SitesShareShareableDroplet">
  <dsp:param name="shareableId" value="ShoppingCart"/>
  <dsp:param name="otherSiteId" value="rcSite"/>
  <dsp:oparam name="true">
    The current site shares a shopping cart with Really Cool Site\!
  <dsp:oparam name="false">
    The current site doesn't share a shopping cart with Really Cool Site\!
  <dsp:oparam name="error">
     Only called if the SiteGroupManager isn't set.
     The following error occured:
<dsp:valueof param="errorMessage"/>

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