User profile operations occur in the context of a profile realm. If your Web application has only one site or if you have not chosen to create separate profile realms, all operations occur in the context of the default profile realm. If you have chosen to create multiple profile realms, you can specify the profile realm that a user profile form operates on. See information about profile realms in the Multisite Administration Guide.

Profile realms are associated with sites. By default, a user profile form operates in the context of the profile realm that is associated with the site it is a part of. You do not need to specify the profile realm in order to work with user profiles in the realm for the current site.

If you need to specify a profile realm context for user profile form operations, include the identifier for the profile realm in the value property for the form. Include the identifier in the realmId property of the value property dictionary. For example, you could include the profile realm identifier using the following form tag.

<dsp:input bean="ProfileFormHandler.value.realmId"

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