Sets a component property from dsp:a tag.

<dsp:property bean="property-specsource-spec



Specifies the property to update on activation of the enclosing dsp:a anchor tag: its Nucleus path, component name, and property name. The property specification can also include a tag converter, such as date or null. For more information, see Tag Converters.


Specifies the source value in one of the following ways:


Assigns a name to the target property, which is used to construct the corresponding query parameter. The names of all dsp:property tags within a given dsp:a tag must be unique, and cannot conflict with existing query parameters for the page.

Usage Notes

You can embed multiple dsp:property tags within a dsp:a tag, in order to update multiple properties with a single dsp:a invocation.

This tag cannot be used together with the dsp:a‘s bean attribute.

Internet Explorer constraints

Internet Explorer has a maximum URL length of 2083. The query parameter name that is generated for each property uses its complete Nucleus path and name, and is repeated twice. You can easily exceed this URL maximum length with multiple properties. To shorten the URL, use the name attribute to assign a short name to each property. For example:

<dsp:a href="test.jsp">my page
  <dsp:property bean="/atg/dynamo/test/MyForm.strProp" value="fpp" name="a" />
  <dsp:property bean="/atg/dynamo/test/MyForm.intProp" value="3" name="b"/>

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