<dsp:valueof value-source>

Usage Notes

dsp:valueof renders a value in a bean property or page parameter. If desired, you can specify a default value between the open and close dsp:valueof tags, which displays only if the specified source is empty.

Note: If you do not intend to use a default, make sure no text, white space, or carriage return separates the open and close tags.



Specifies the source of the value to display as a JavaBean Component, Page Parameter, or Static value, as follows:

  • bean="property-spec"

    Displays the contents of the specified property, where property-spec includes the Nucleus path, component name, and property name.

  • param="param-name"

    Displays the contents of the specified parameter param-name.

  • value="static-value"

    Displays the specified static value

The value source specification can include a tag converter, such as date or null, so you can display the value in a specific format. For more information, see Tag Converters.


<dsp:valueof bean="Student_01.age"  number="##"/>
<dsp:valueof param="currentName">Happy User</dsp:valueof>

In this example, the age property in the Student_01 component is retrieved and converted into a format that renders a number like this: 35. The second tag gets the value of the currentName page parameter. If no value exists, it displays Happy User.

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