The DSP tag library lets you access all data types in ATG’s Nucleus framework. Other functions provided by these tags manage transactions and determine how to render data in a JSP. You should use tags from the DSP tag library only for tasks that involve ATG resources. For generic Web application tasks, use JSTL tags.

In pages that import the DSP tag library, you should generally favor DSP tags over equivalent JSP tags. In general, the corresponding DSP tag library tags provide enhanced functionality, such as support for the passing of object parameters between pages. In particular, use dsp:include and dsp:param rather than their JSP equivalents.

The DSP tag library supports both scripting and the JSP Expression Language. For example, the following two tags are equivalent:

<dsp:valueof param="<%= currentCourse %>"/>
<dsp:valueof param="${currentCourse}"/>

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