Applications often need to display repository data in an HTML table. For example, you might want to display a table of user names and addresses, a table of authors and article titles, or a table of product information. atg.service.util.TableInfo is a class that you can use to create components that manage display of information in a table. A TableInfo component helps you create HTML tables whose rows correspond to JavaBeans, and whose columns display properties of each bean. You can also configure a TableInfo component to make tables sortable, so users can click on a column heading to sort the table on the column values.

A TableInfo component does not maintain or display the items rendered in the table. The list of items must be maintained in a separately managed component. Instead, TableInfo maintains information about table columns, such as column headings, the property to display in each column, and the sort criteria for each column. To render the table, you use the column information in the TableInfo component together with servlet beans that iterate over the list of items, such as ForEach and TableForEach.

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